Due to a recent incident that involved a bad actor’s inappropriate behavior (read more here), we are introducing the following changes to combat and hopefully prevent such incidents in the future.

Here are some of the upcoming changes to the virtual meeting setup:

Meeting URL

Every meeting will have a new and unique URL.

Please pay special attention to the new link in EventBrite (Fig #1) and Meetup (Fig #2).

Fig #1
Fig #2

MS Team Meeting changes

Meeting option changes include Lobby, Presenters, Allowed resources for attendees, etc…

Registration Form

All participants will have to register (provide name and email) prior to joining (Fig #3)

Fig #3

Once you register, you will receive the following “Join Event” button to join the meeting (Fig #4)

Waiting Room (Lobby)

All participants will have to wait in a virtual waiting room before being allowed to join the main virtual meeting. The host of the meeting will admit participants individually or all at once.

We reserve the right to deny access (Fig #5) to and/or kick out (Fig #6) anyone whose sole purpose of joining the meeting is NOT to teach/learn about technology and data topics.

Fig #5
Fig #6

Sharing Restrictions

Only the host, co-host, and presenter(s) of the meeting will be able to share their screen, web camera, and microphone while participants will not be able to share anything (Fig #7) unless the host grants them permission to do so.

Fig #7

Registration cut-off (Fig #8)

Eventbrite ticket sale will end at 8PM PST

Fig #8

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