Announcing Los Angeles Data Platform User Group 2022 schedule:

FEB 16, 2022 – How I Cut My Maintenance Plans by 80% by Paresh Motiwala

MAR 16, 2022 – Paginated Reporting: Jaspersoft versus SSRS by Eugene Meidinger

APR 20, 2022 – DevOps Your Databases by Paul Hunter

MAY 18, 2022 – Build a blog worth reading by Blythe Morrow

JUN 15, 2022 – AWS RDS SQL Server Security by Sudarshan Roy

JUL 20, 2022 – Managing HADR with DBA Tools by Frank Gill

AUG 2022 – Change Management with Change Tracking and Temporary Tables by Tim Mitchell

SEP 21, 2022 – Reusable Notebooks for DBA’s and Developers by Deepthi Goguri

OCT 19, 2022 – Tame Your Unruly Data With Constraints by Rob Volk

NOV 16, 2022 – Modernize your Data wrangling approach for Datalakes by Dan King

DEC 21, 2022 – Analyse your Power BI Refresh by Phil Seamark

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